Beyond Damsels & Villains in A Tale of Two Rulers

A Tale of Two Rulers Zelda Portrait by Lorraine Schleter

I published my third piece on FemHype, which remains one of my favorite gaming websites. This essay is about A Tale of Two Rulers, a Legend of Zelda fan comic that views the themes of the games through the lens of intersectional feminism. The comic features gorgeous art and an engaging story, and it’s one of my favorite things to ever appear on the internet. Please check it out!

Here’s a short excerpt from my essay:

A Tale of Two Rulers is deeply intertwined with the broader discussions of representation in video games that are currently occurring in lady-centric fandom communities. As these fans pose critical questions concerning their continued marginalization in mainstream gaming cultures, they also produce compelling reconfigurations of sexist narratives and tropes, transforming the games they love into stories that celebrate positive representations of diversity.

You can read the full article on FemHype.

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